lundi 2 décembre 2013

la fraude au halal dénoncée en Arabie saoudite

Après Twitter, c’est sur Facebook que la photo d’un poulet Doux prétendument halal, en réalité non halal, est diffusée par des internautes saoudiens. 

                                        fake halal Doux 2

C’est sur la page Facebook du site Web RiyadhConnect, qui compte 22 255 fans, que la photographie de ce poulet au cou intact a été mise en ligne accompagnée de quelques lignes reprises de la traduction anglaise. 
(The shocking photo above was posted on Twitter by a Saudi Arabian user.
Shocking, because this chicken is being sold in Saudi Arabia by the poulterer Doux. This chicken is labelled halal, meaning its neck should be cut. However, we can clearly see on the photo that this chicken wasn’t slaughtered following the Islamic animal slaughter rites. The reason is simple: Doux isn’t selling real halal chickens, but chickens fraudulently labelled as halal.
This is a gigantic fraud which has been lasting for years, a fraud whose victims are innumerable, a fraud that the French state is supporting: the newspaper Le Monde reported this morning that Doux and Tilly-Sabco will receive a financial aid of 55 million euros in order to keep selling their fake halal chicken abroad, most notably in Islamic countries.)
Nouvelle fatwa contre les poulets Doux, KFC, Carrefour et assimilés

New fatwa against chicken Doux, KFC, Carrefour, Tilly-Sabco and others

 Chickens sold at KFC restaurants are not halal, as are the Doux chicken that is not halal. In late February 2011  we were at Gulfood, in Dubai gulfood is an international exhibition for food industry.
source @i_saudi

فضيحة (دجاج دو) المخيس :(
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